Posted on 12 July 2023

CCTV Camera Installation Retford

This is a local company from Retford that specialise in skip hire and nationwide waste management solutions for domestic and commercial clients across the UK. They came to us for a CCTV system that included 4 cameras monitoring the entrances to their site, as well as any other specified areas. We are regularly updated by this company with issues such as intruders, therefore we provided a 16 port NVR system...

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Posted on 12 July 2023

Burglar Alarm Installation Nottingham

This review came from a gentleman that owns a 3 Bedroom detached house located in Nottingham. He asked for an intruder (Burglar) alarm to be installed in his home, as well as receiving a monthly maintenance from us. Within this domestic property, we provided a door contact on each door accessing the outside or garage, a PIR for each downstairs room and the upstairs landing, and an alarm panel and...

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Posted on 23 May 2023

Why is monitoring your security systems so important?

Remote monitoring Remote monitoring can be used both temporarily and permanently within many different industries and businesses. It is most commonly used within sites such as vacant properties and open sites to reduce illegal activities occurring. These activities can include trespassing, unauthorised entry, squatting and fly tipping. Construction sites can also be a common target for criminals due to the high value of materials, machinery, tools etc. Because of this,...

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Posted on 24 April 2023

Why is it important that you have a bespoke security system?

A ‘Bespoke system’ means that it is created for a particular customer or user, to fit your exact requirements. There can be a wide range of security issues, whether that’s for a small home or a large business, and no two issues are ever the same. Here at Digitech Security Solutions, we provide fully bespoke and original systems, to help your homes and businesses feel safe, sound, and secure. What...

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Posted on 11 April 2023

Why should you implement access control within your business?

Access control is one of the best security tools for large and expanding businesses. It is a vital component of a security strategy and is commonly paired with both CCTV and intruder alarm systems. It allows you to monitor who enters and exits the building and allocates the appropriate access to different staff members. Access control is an essential way to know who is in your building, and even the...

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Posted on 27 March 2023

What is CCTV and how does it work?

CCTV stands for ‘closed circuit television’, and is a TV system in which signals are not publicly distributed, but are closely monitored, mainly for surveillance or security purposes. CCTV is not only used to detect crime, but also to prevent criminals from targeting an area or company. It is often located in public spaces, but can also be used in private areas, for extra security, which can then be turned...

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Posted on 14 March 2023

Do alarms actually deter burglars?

According to research, yes! Studies have shown that roughly 60% of burglars looking to target a building would in fact be deterred by an intruder alarm system, and most burglars agree that hearing an actual alarm would be enough for them to leave a home immediately. The more security equipment installed within a building, whether it is domestic or residential, the less likely it is to get burgled. Burglar or...

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Posted on 13 March 2023

What is the role of a Security Guard?

The term ‘security guard’ is defined as “a person employed to protect a building against intruders or damage” however, they do so much more. Burglary and vandalism cause a great financial and emotional stress on many businesses day in-day out. The implementation of security guards helps to decrease that level of stress for business owners, staff and customers. What do they do? Each security situation is unique, which means there...

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Posted on 23 February 2023

What are the four main access control models?

Advantages of Access Control Access control is a vital form of security, as it limits access to information and information processing systems. When used effectively they majorly reduce the risk of information being accessed without the appropriate authorisation process, unlawfully and the risk of a data breach within the organisation. It is also considered to be a very cost-effective way to implement a higher security level, as it cuts back...

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Posted on 15 February 2023

Guard dogs – Everything you need to know!

What are Guard dogs? Guard dogs are used for surveillance over an area and protect property from unwanted visitors, including intruders or other animals. They can often be confused with attack dogs, however, guard dogs are strained to deter thieves without alert, but attack dogs are trained to attack or kill on command.  Dogs are one of the most effective forms of home security because of their advanced training and...

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