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CCTV Installations

CCTV Installations

When you need surveillance of the activities around your premises, CCTV systems can help by monitoring 24/7. The newer HD quality cameras can capture high quality images, helping identify perpetrators

IP Recording equipment

If you are looking for high definition images then IP (internet protocol) camera recording equipment is the industry standard. Flexible and with internet connectivity it is a cost effective solution for simple or complex multi-site CCTV systems.

Having recordings can help when there is an incident on your premises, be it a health and safety issue, environmental issue, or assistance identifying a suspect and recording the possible crime in full. This can be motion triggered, so that there are not hours of recording to sift through.


Digitech can install analogue or IP cameras to suit your particular situation. We will complete a full site survey in order to site the camera to the best advantage. Cameras alone have proven a deterrent, though when combined with other security measures, such as lighting and alarms, this can frustrate even the most determined.

IP Cameras have some benefits over analogue cameras, as they transmit over TCP/IP, which is more secure. This also allows two-way audio, meaning you can converse, useful for petrol stations, domestic doorways or perhaps situations where you are not physically present.  Using Wi-Fi or wireless networking, means there is no cable to cut the feed. Remote accessibility means you can view footage from a pc, smartphone or other devices.

We can install fixed cameras, with one field of view, or operative controlled cameras with PTZ commands (pan, tilt, zoom) depending on the requirements of each site.

Using Power over Ethernet to supply power through the cable for both your recording equipment and cameras means no need for a separate power supply.

CCTV Replace Existing Equipment

Here at Digitech, we are aware that you may have an existing CCTV and recording facility installed, so can offer a maintenance and flexible upgrade program. Starting from a single camera to a full system overhaul.

If you would like to know more about the types of systems we can install, and how they may be integrated with Intruder alarms, Fire Systems and Access control, then please contact us for a site visit and quote.

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