Burglar Alarms

Burglar Alarms

The unauthorised access of your premises and subsequent costs and damage left following a burglary or similar crime is a situation most of us wish to avoid. Burglar or Intruder alarms are designed to deter, and then if the system allows, alert the appropriate personnel. A number of infrared detectors are placed at strategic points and places of entry. Once one of these is triggered, the alarm is set off.

Audible burglar alarms only

This is the most common type of system installed in domestic homes and small to medium business premises.  There will be a weatherproof box on the front of the building with an alarm and strobe light to alert you, and the neighbours.

Auto-Dialler systems

For enhanced security, the auto-dialling system will not only alert via an audible alarm and strobe light, but also call a pre-programmed number with a pre-recorded message. This can alert the key holder, who can then choose to investigate the situation.

Monitored Systems

Fully monitored systems will alert a monitoring centre, who will then confirm whether the alarm is false or contact the police. Combined with a monitored CCTV system, this will give even more protection.

If you would like to know more about the types of systems we can install, and how they may be integrated with Fire SystemsAccess control and CCTV, then please contact us for a site visit and quote.

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