Posted on 24 April 2023

Why is it important that you have a bespoke security system?

A ‘Bespoke system’ means that it is created for a particular customer or user, to fit your exact requirements. There can be a wide range of security issues, whether that’s for a small home or a large business, and no two issues are ever the same. Here at Digitech Security Solutions, we provide fully bespoke and original systems, to help your homes and businesses feel safe, sound, and secure.

What do we do that sets us apart from other security companies?

To put it short, security is never a ‘one size fits all’ type of problem, as there are so many different elements that go into securing a property. Our security systems allow you to integrate intruder alarms, CCTV, access control and much more into one system, which means it can be changed to meet your needs and expectations. We also provide easy ways to keep an eye on your system as well as monitoring its status ourselves, to ensure any rare faults or possible issues are sorted straight away, and you are informed.

To ensure that your system will meet your needs, we send out an experienced engineer to conduct a completely free quote, providing you with an expert opinion, while taking your requests into account. This means that you still have full control on what you are investing in and what your system will do as well as what it will look like, but with a qualified expert to recommend any alternatives that may work better for you. Our engineers will explain their opinions in great depth, so that you can fully understand why they are recommending certain elements over alternatives that may not work as well. This also gives our customers who may not know much about security systems peace of mind, as they can trust the opinion of our staff. As a business, we encourage our customers to ask questions if they are unsure, as our job is to make you feel as safe as possible.

Why is security so important?

More than 3,500 burglaries were reported across Nottinghamshire in 2022. In the space of one year, the number of burglaries increased by 294, and with the cost-of-living crisis, we are already seeing a growing wave of people turning to theft, to stay afloat. Police officers aren’t always able to attend shed or outbuilding burglaries, so having some sort of security device, such as CCTV, or an alarm system is vital. 47% of all burglaries are ‘spur of the moment’ which means wherever you are living, your home could be at risk. Security measures displayed on the outside of your home significantly decrease this risk, as you are no longer viewed as an easy target. Here at Digitech, we make sure our installs are aesthetically pleasing, but visible to ensure that people are aware of the security measures in place. Security is vital to keeping your homes and businesses Safe, Sound and Secure, as well as keeping your valuables protected.