Posted on 23 May 2023

Why is monitoring your security systems so important?

Remote monitoring

Remote monitoring can be used both temporarily and permanently within many different industries and businesses. It is most commonly used within sites such as vacant properties and open sites to reduce illegal activities occurring. These activities can include trespassing, unauthorised entry, squatting and fly tipping.

Construction sites can also be a common target for criminals due to the high value of materials, machinery, tools etc. Because of this, remotely monitored sites require a high quality and reliable system to ensure any unsociable activity is detected and dealt with appropriately. This is usually achieved with a combination of CCTV and an intruder alarm system, which work simultaneously to detect this behaviour.

Benefits of a monitored system

Alarm monitoring services are essential for any business or organisation, as they provide a second layer of protection, making contacting the appropriate authorities as efficient as possible. Some major benefits of having a monitored security system are;

  • They protect your valuables.
  • They deter potential criminal activity.
  • They allow remote access to your home.
  • They can notify you of any possible fire or gas issues that require attention.
  • They can help to keep an eye on children and make sure they are safe without interfering.
  • They can improve a household’s electricity management.
  • They make room for peace of mind.

What is a monitored security system?

A monitored security system is a system that is observed or checked 24/7 by an external company that provides full monitoring services.

This means that you will be provided with continuous surveillance of your systems, including alarms, CCTV, sensors, etc. If activity is detected, the monitored system will send you an instant notification, which then allows you to advise whether it is a false alarm or not.

If the monitored systems receive no response or your reply that it in fact was not a false alarm, then the system will send out a security team and contact the relevant authorities to ensure that the incident is dealt with appropriately.

What is the difference between monitored and unmonitored security systems?

The most distinct difference between a monitored and unmonitored security system is that a monitored system means that you are paying for an external security company to keep a constant eye on your home or business for potential intruder break-ins, however, an unmonitored system is solely your responsibility to notice is an alarm is working properly and to contact the required authorities when they are triggered. This can be proven difficult when you are away from your property, and this may cause you to rely on neighbours to contact you if a disturbance is detected.