Access Control

Access Control

When you need to know who is in your building, at any particular time. Then you need an access control system. This type of scheme, used in conjunction with any security systems, is in order to allow access, restrict areas and monitor who goes where and when. This will enhance the security of your buildings, assets and, most importantly, your employees and visitors. Fitting these door entry systems is one way you can gain peace of mind, as they can be fully automated and easy to maintain.

Standalone entry systems

These are useful arrangements for controlling access, via a keypad code, dongle, key-card or even the NFC on a smartphone, on a single doorway. You can repeat this system over many doorways, though if a code needs to be changed, this would need changing on each doorway. One advantage is there is no need for personnel to be present to allow access. Digitech can extend this system as your requirements change.

PC based

Digitech can install an advanced pc based system, which will give you one point of administration and yet control of multiple sites and entry points, with up to 50,000 users. You can configure access privileges to allow individuals or groups egress, simply and easily. The software is intuitive and user-friendly and you can generate event reports with just a few clicks of the mouse. You can also add features to extend the capability of this already superb scheme. You may want to add CCTV camera integration or site graphics. The advantages of this system, is that nowadays, most other buildings systems, such as fire, security, alarms and lifts are also PC based.

This system is suited to small, medium or large-scale businesses and premises. The usual public places you might find these are car parks, government buildings, universities and sports clubs

Audio/Video door entry systems

These types of systems are best suited to smaller businesses or domestic dwellings, or added to the above to improve the capabilities. They enable you to check out the visitor visually and validate the reason for their visit audibly. Newer systems allow you to manage entry either manually or via an app or software on a PC. This system is extendable from a single point of entry to multi-units or apartment blocks.

The value of each of these systems of access control is in the application. We fully recommend having a site visit and discussion of the security levels required now and in the near future.

If you would like to know more about the types of systems we can install, and how they may be integrated with Intruder alarmsFire Systems and CCTV, then please contact us for a site visit and quote.

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