Posted on 12 July 2023

Burglar Alarm Installation Nottingham

This review came from a gentleman that owns a 3 Bedroom detached house located in Nottingham. He asked for an intruder (Burglar) alarm to be installed in his home, as well as receiving a monthly maintenance from us. Within this domestic property, we provided a door contact on each door accessing the outside or garage, a PIR for each downstairs room and the upstairs landing, and an alarm panel and keypad. We also monitor his system ourselves, allowing us to alert him if there are any faults or system triggers that he needs to be made aware of. Along with this service, we will also complete a yearly maintenance for this customer, to ensure that his system is working properly, and any faults found are corrected within this visit.

‘Alarm man was very knowledgeable about system, gave great advice and very quickly located problem and fixed it. Could not be more helpful, this company now has my yearly maintenance and would highly recommend them. Customer service is excellent on initial contact as well.’