Posted on 19 July 2017

DIY Vs Professionally Fitted Fire systems

DIY Vs Professionally Fitted Fire systems

The recent appalling disaster at Grenfell Towers has brought to the mind of many, the need for early warning of fire within your home. The spread of fire throughout a building is alarmingly fast and every second counts for allowing your safe escape. Your first reaction will be to think of installing a system yourself.

The DIY smoke alarm system

Fire alarm systems are relatively easy to pick up from the hardware shop, though the array can be a little bewildering. The most common is the battery operated smoke alarm, placed on the ceiling. These work independently so, the alarm will sound if there is a fire in that room, this means placing several around the building. The alert will be an audible one emitted from a single device. You must test your smoke alarms at least once a month, to ensure the battery is still working.

The professionally fitted fire system

The systems we fit are networked together so that if one is triggered the whole system alerts the house. This gives an earlier warning and as the main alarm is triggered, it is more likely heard. The sensors can be heat, smoke or ionization (chemical) to detect an array of early signs of fire. We can also fit visual alerts in case of hard of hearing occupants. There are individual wireless push buttons, worn as bracelets or necklaces for more vulnerable occupants to alert others if they are in distress. In larger buildings, we will also fit manual signal boxes (smash the glass) and may introduce a sprinkler system to start fighting the fire, before it spreads. Both the domestic and larger premises systems are commanded from a central panel with a battery backup, so that should the electrics fail, the alarm still sounds.

Which should you trust?

Once Digitech fits and regularly maintains your fire system, we back that with our own professional installation insurance. We fully inspect the system and test every visit, to make sure that it will alert you in the event of fire. You may even find that your own buildings and contents insurance premiums drop because of this maintenance program. With that, you can sleep at night, knowing your chance of escape is that much higher. If you would like to find out more about our fire systems click here, or contact us for a site visit and quote