Posted on 19 August 2017

Fire Alarm noises and what to do about them

Fire Alarm noises and what to do about them

The reason we fit fire alarm systems is to warn us of potential danger from smoke and fire. We hope they will silently guard over us in our homes and businesses, so when they make a sound we need to heed them. There are many noises that your alarm system can make, you need to find which noises are for several reasons and this guide will help you.

Loud continuous sound

This usually means that something has triggered the alarm. If you are close to the alarm and can see that it was triggered, by you burning some toast for example, then you can dissipate the smoke and the alarm should stop. If you are not near the alarm and it is sounding, then follow the evacuation plan you have. If you are a business, everyone should have read and understood the evacuation policy and plan. Leave the building by the safest route possible, do not use the lifts. Once you are safe call the Fire Services.

Short chirps every 30 secs or so

If these are coming from one unit, then it is probably signalling that you need to change the battery. You can access the battery by taking the unit off its backing plate, which is the bit attached to the ceiling. This is often a twist fit. Take the old battery out, and replace it with a new battery of the same size and strength. The alarm will stop making a noise, and you can replace it back on the ceiling. If the battery is new and the unit is still chirping, then it could indicate then the unit is malfunctioning or, if it is old, at the end of its life. In which case, it is time to replace them.

Intermittent chirps with no regularity

This could indicate that the unit has a loose battery, or maybe the sensors are dirty. Heat, humidity, and steam can also affect the smoke detectors. If the system is hard-wired into the mains electricity supply it may be that there was an interruption to the power supply.

If you cannot work out why your system is making a noise, then contact your maintenance company for further advice. If you would like to know more about the Fire and Smoke systems, please click on the link.