Posted on 13 March 2023

What is the role of a Security Guard?

The term ‘security guard’ is defined as “a person employed to protect a building against intruders or damage” however, they do so much more.

Burglary and vandalism cause a great financial and emotional stress on many businesses day in-day out. The implementation of security guards helps to decrease that level of stress for business owners, staff and customers.

What do they do?

Each security situation is unique, which means there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. However, almost all security guards have a basic portfolio of skills and abilities in order to complete a successful shift.

These include securing premises and personnel by patrolling property, monitoring surveillance equipment, and inspecting the building, along with the equipment.

Another responsibility security guards are given is patrols. These are required multiple times a shift to ensure that everything is in order. It can be completed on foot or by vehicle, depending on the size of the premises. While it is done to catch people in the act, it is also used as a very powerful deterrent, as people see the patrols happening.

Security guards are often the first person a customer may see when they enter a business or high value property. Contrary to popular belief, security guards usually come across extremely friendly to customers and people without intention of harm, theft, or vandalising. After all, they are there to protect people and property. Oftentimes you may not realise that they are a security guard, as they can double up as receptionists, helping to direct customers to appropriate areas of the premises. They are also used to control situations such as employee terminations and provide support to senior members of staff in situations that may escalate or become aggressive.

Why do people/companies/events use security guards?

The presence of a security guard, whether they’re on site alone, or in company, gives staff members, owners, and customers peace of mind, by knowing that there is a trained, responsible person on-site at all times. They are used as an effective deterrent to any possible criminals and are trained to spot any potential breaches quickly, which enables them to raise concerns immediately.

They can be responsible for safeguarding a person, which requires the security guard to have a more personal relationship with the client and be aware of their schedule and alert about who or what is trying to interact with them at any given time.

Security guards aren’t only for buildings or personal, they are very commonly used for events that involve large crowds, such as festivals, concerts etc. They help to maintain order and prevent the risk of altercations, riots, and disorderly conduct. In many cases, you wouldn’t suspect that they are a security guard, as they dress normally and look like they are just there to enjoy the event, however they are on hand constantly to ensure an added layer of safety.

In conclusion, security guards are an excellent way to ensure safety within business with large sites or a higher level of value.

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