Posted on 16 November 2022

Why Is Access Control Important – What Should You Know?

why is access control importantWhy Is Access Control Important – What Should You Know?

Access control is important for a variety of reasons. As well as allowing you to provide authorised access to your building, it also lets you restrict who can get inside and monitor where somebody is going and when. This makes your building, assets, employees and visitors more secure. By fitting an access control system, you can improve your peace of mind considerably. Wikipedia’s definition of access control can be found here.

Key benefits of access control

Access control enables you to understand how your building or site is being used and lets you know who is in it. Knowing who is in your building is essential, especially when an emergency such as a fire occurs. Access control prevents unauthorised people from entering your site and can stop certain individuals from accessing dangerous machinery or confidential information. It can eliminate the requirement for individual keys, which can easily get lost and create a security breach.

Access control also ensures that people don’t need to carry heavy bunches of keys around with them and can even reduce costs. One reason for this is that you won’t need to worry about having to constantly replace keys and locks. Access control systems have become popular for a wide range of reasons. These include the way that they can be fully automated and are easy to maintain. There are various types of access control systems on the market to choose from.

What are standalone entry systems?

Standalone entry systems are basic, smaller access control facilities. They can be installed on doorways and can be used in conjunction with dongles, key cards, smartphone NFC facilities and keypad codes. You can add these systems to as many doors as you like. One of the key benefits of these systems is that there doesn’t need to be anybody around to provide access to certain parts of a building.

What are PC-based systems?

PC-based systems are designed to give you a single point of administration from which you can control various sites and entry points. These systems can cater for tens of thousands of users. Privileges can be configured to allow specific individuals and groups access to a particular part of a building. The vast majority of users get to grips with this software quickly, and event reports can be generated within mere moments.

Extra features can also be added to deliver even more performance. These can include CCTV camera integration.  One of the key benefits of opting for this kind of system is that many other building systems such as lifts, alarms, security facilities and fire are also linked to PCs. PC-based systems are suited to businesses of all sizes. They can be found in everything from car parks and sports clubs to government buildings.

What are audio/video door entry systems?

These systems are particularly suitable for small businesses and homes. They enable you to view visitors before you grant them access to your building. Some modern systems enable you to manage entry manually or through an app or PC.

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