Posted on 19 October 2017

Top Tips for Business Security

If you own a business, then security is an area of concern. Even if you do not have business premises, and are running your business from home. These tips could help secure the building you operate from and save you from loss.

Protect your building

Have alarms fitted, and set them. Check doors and windows are closed and locked at the end of the day, make it part of a person’s job specification to do so daily. Check the perimeter and look for ways, would be thieves could gain entry under cover of darkness. Consider installing a fire and security system together, it can be run on a computer, or even from a smartphone. You might consider monitored alarms for extra piece of mind.

Protect your assets

Even within your building, there may be more sensitive areas, where valuables or data is stored. Place extra cameras, or locks on these areas. You may also want to think about having some form of access control to limit which personnel can get into these areas. Metal is considered valuable, and so do not leave it lying around as it will attract scrap metal thieves. Train staff to dispose of data properly, such as shredding paperwork before throwing it in the bin.

Protect your staff

Your staff are your greatest asset, so their security should be a high priority. Check that no one is left alone, out of hours, without some backup in place. One time when security needs to be higher, is during deliveries, as high-value goods can be present, so increase awareness of those times. Only issues the keys and codes, to members of staff that require access to each area, in their line of work. Train staff to look out for anything suspicious, such as people possibly ‘casing’ the building, and get them to report it, you can then increase security.

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