Posted on 19 June 2017

What to consider when buying an Intruder Alarm

Before you have an intruder alarm or burglary alarm fitted there are a few considerations, you may consider.


If you choose to install your own system, then you run the risk of it not working correctly and failing to alert you in time. If you use a reputable company to not only supply, install, but also monitor, then you have more assurance that the right people will be alerted. The company you choose to install your alarm system will need to have some form of security certification and insurance.


It is worth working out what you want your system to do. Do you want just an audible alarm to deter, or would you like video recording in high quality, plus an alert straight to the police? There are an array of features, such as sensors and triggers, smartphone alerts and cameras, that you can add. Here at Digitech, we can complete a full site survey and work with you and your budget to get a system that works well.


One area often neglected when fitting an intruder alarm, is the outbuildings. They hold some of your valuable items and are often easier to break into. Garages and sheds are main targets, as gardening equipment, bikes and cars are easily sold.

Future proofing

If you are planning to move home or premises in the future, it may be worth considering a system you can take with you, or at least some components of the system. Investing in a complex system is not always possible at first, so look at additional add-ons of sensors, extra cameras and/ or monitoring to secure your building. Some systems can also incorporate fire alarmsCCTV and access control within them, you could add these, later, as the need arises.

Once you have a good system in place, it can help to lower your insurance premiums, saving you some money. It will also save you losing sleep and worrying that your business or home is at risk. Contact us for more information.